Cracking the Embedded Software Engineering Interview

Cracking the Embedded Software Engineering Interview (eBook)

Over 200 Embedded Engineering Questions and Solutions!


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Chapter 0

Usually, any technical interview will have questions from these 3 categories

  • Questions to test your subject knowledge
  • Questions about the projects you have done and
  • Questions about the test-task


Chapters 1 to 7: Subject Knowledge

The Seven Pillars of Embedded Software Engineering

C Programming Language

The Language you will use more often than English!

Microcontrollers and Peripherals

The staple diet for Embedded Developers!

Operating Systems

Your Working Environment!

Computer Networking

To talk to other Embedded devices!

Software Engineering

Software Engineering

Debugging Skills

Repair efficiently!

Basics of Electronics

Understand the hardware you use!

Each of these 7 chapters have been divided the questions into 3 difficulty levels


Your main focus should be on these questions and the surrounding knowledge if you are applying for an embedded internship position or a junior embedded developer position


If you are applying for a position that demands 2 years of experience, then I suggest focusing on the easy and the medium difficulty level questions.


If you are applying for a position that needs more than 2 years of experience then I suggest you read the entire eBook!

Chapter#8: Test-Tasks

The 8th chapter will be all about the test-tasks. Here you will learn about

  • The best practices that the employer is looking for with the help of examples.
  • Steps to follow to write your solution for a test task from scratch.
  • Types of Questions to expect from your test task
Also you will get an example of a typical test task along with Solutions, Explanations and the Source code!

Questions About Your Projects​

The 9th chapter will focus on what kind of questions you can expect from the projects you have done.

Here we have explored a simple imaginary project and given you what kind of questions you can expect during an interview.

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