What Does an Embedded Hardware Engineers do? Explained!


As a person working in embedded industry, a typical question that I come across frequently from people outside the industry is what do embedded hardware engineers do. So I have written this post to address that question. What do Embedded Hardware engineers do? The main duties of embedded hardware engineers include selection of components, designing … Read more

The Field of “IoT” Explained!


IoT is a famous buzz-word these days and it is predicted that IoT will bring on the next big revolution. In this post let’s try and understand what IoT really is, how IoT works and how is it, simply put, “the future”. I have written this post in a practical manner without going too much … Read more

What are Embedded Systems? Explained!

Embedded systems come in a wide variety of sizes and complexities and are hence a bit hard to define. Let’s try and get a basic understanding of what an embedded system really is and how to classify them. What is an embedded system? A simple definition would be, an embedded system is a “special purpose … Read more

How Computer Memory Works? A Layman’s Guide

When I began my career in Computer Science, one of the technologies that amazed me most was how the memory of computers work and how they store data. As my career progressed I was constantly being introduced to several types of memory. I had several questions in my mind such as How does memory work … Read more