How to become an Embedded Software Engineer?

When I started out with a goal to become an embedded developer, I had no clue where to even begin as embedded systems cover a wide variety of fields including electronics, software engineering, microcontroller programming, PCB design, networking, chip design, etc., Due to a big knowledge base needed, entering this particular engineering field can seem … Read more

FreeRTOS, Everything You Need To Know..!

When I started out learning about FreeRTOS, I was not able to find good short resources to read, and hence I had to spend weeks reading a 400 page eBook, see a bunch of webinars and videos, then cross-reference to some other resources when concepts were not clear, before I was finally able to understand … Read more

4 Types of Embedded Software Explained!


I am working as an embedded software engineer and I have often been asked this question of what does embedded software engineers do. I am writing this article to explain what we do, how we do it, varieties of embedded software, skills needed to do develop each kind, types of companies you get to work … Read more