Doxygen Tutorial: Getting Started Using Doxygen on Linux!

Introduction In this tutorial, let us learn about the Documentation software Doxygen and see how to make use of it to make the job of producing documentation more automated and stress-free! Let us start by looking at what Doxygen is. What is Doxygen? Doxygen is a software used to produce documentation of source code written in … Read more

Can Linux Replace Windows & Mac OSX Someday: An Analysis!

This is a question that comes up with many Linux enthusiasts all the time as they believe that Linux is THE BEST Operating system out there! Let’s analyze the possibility and figure out what will it take for Linux to become a dominant player in the personal computer market! Before we can start predicting the … Read more

7 Reasons That Make Programmers Love Linux!

It is no secret that programmers love Linux. This is despite the fact that many better IDEs for software development are available for use exclusively in other operating systems like Windows and Mac’s OSX. I myself have recently switched to Linux and have moved all my software development work to Linux from Windows. In this … Read more