Video: Embedded Engineers Salaries in Europe

In this video, we will look at the European Embedded-Engineering Job-Market. For each country presented in the video, I have calculated and given you the approximate savings each month. Hope you enjoy seeing the video! The article in the link below provides more details about some other European countries which were not mentioned in this … Read more

Video: Embedded Linux Explained..!!

Embedded Linux is kind of a confusing term that is used nowadays to describe a wide variety of devices. With the advent of single-board computers like the Raspberry Pi and Beagle bones running Linux, and with ARM processors becoming more powerful than ever while remaining very power efficient,  Embedded Linux has become an upcoming field … Read more

Video: Technological Pillars of IoT

This video explains, what technologies are essential in building IoT products and how you can contribute to the field. We will see 5 technological pillars of IoT briefly in this video. Related Articles Video: A Beginners Introduction To Internet of Things (IoT) A Clear-Cut Explanation to IoT..!! 200 Embedded and IoT Software Engineering Interview Questions … Read more