Video: 10 Steps To Master Linux Being A Complete Beginner

How to start learning Linux being a complete beginner to Computer Science?

How long will it take to learn Linux?

Why is Linux so hard to learn?

Which distro should a complete beginner use?

These are questions that have no single correct answer. If you ask these questions to a Linux professional you will get an answer which starts with the phrase “it depends…”. If you are reading this article then I guess you are looking for answers to these questions, which is a good thing as it says that you are ready to learn Linux..!!

In this video I am trying to answer these hard questions with a simple step by step approach to arrive at the best possible step by step plan for yourself, keeping in mind the various reasons you might have in your mind on why you would like to learn Linux.

The article form of the video can be read from the link below.

A Step By Step Plan To Learn Linux..!

You can find our recommended study materials in the link below!

Study Materials: Linux

Happy Linux’ing..!!

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