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Video: What does an Embedded Software Engineer Do?

This video explains what is it like to be an embedded software engineer. Relavant articles 4 Types of Embedded Software Explained! How to become an Embedded Software Engineer? 200 Embedded and IoT Software Engineering Interview Questions – Part 1 9 Essential Microcontroller Peripherals Explained

Embedded Engineers Salaries in Europe

Embedded Engineers Salaries In Europe

I am working as an Embedded Engineer in Europe. In this article, I am writing the results of the research I did about embedded engineering jobs and salaries in various countries in Europe. Instead of giving you a misleading gross salary number, I have calculated the taxes and living expenses and I have given you the approximate savings you can expect to make each month. If you are a student wanting to learn Embedded Engineering or a student already learning it or if you are an experienced embedded engineer planning to move to Europe then this article is for you!...

How to become an Embedded Software Engineer?

When I started out with a goal to become an embedded developer, I had no clue where to even begin as embedded systems cover a wide variety of fields including electronics, software engineering, microcontroller programming, PCB design, networking, chip design, etc., Due to a big knowledge base needed, entering this particular engineering field can seem daunting.  If you are reading this article, then you are probably looking for directions and some sort of a plan to develop the skills needed to get into this field of making embedded systems. By the end of this article hopefully, you will know where...


5 Major Activities that Embedded Hardware Engineers do..!

As a person working in embedded industry, a typical question that I come across frequently from people outside the industry is what do embedded hardware engineers do. So I have written this post to address that question. What do Embedded Hardware engineers do? The main duties of embedded hardware engineers include selection of components, designing PCBs, Designing and performing hardware tests, making custom testing tools, designing other related hardware needed like test benches and product casing, and a writing a little bit of production software.  Let’s take a closer look at the above mentioned activities in the coming sections and...


4 Types of Embedded Software Explained!

I am working as an embedded software engineer and I have often been asked this question of what does embedded software engineers do. I am writing this article to explain what we do, how we do it, varieties of embedded software, skills needed to do develop each kind, types of companies you get to work for and other relevant details you might find interesting to give you an insiders look into this profession.  What does an embedded software engineer do? Embedded software engineers develop software that runs on devices like microwave ovens, Xbox controllers, Blood pressure monitors, Bluetooth headphones, smartwatches,...